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    These 5 DIY Tips Actually Work for Window Cleaning, Check Now!

    It is true that households get fed up when they spend hours just to wash the windows. Everybody wants to get rid of unnecessary frustration because our busy lives do not let us wasting time on such chores. Well, it doesn’t mean that you leave the windows with debris because that can actually cause various issues in which health problems are on the top. However, this blog can surely wipe out your frustration and can help you saving money too because the DIY tips discussed in this blog really work.

    Remove the Curtains while Washing!

    Most of the households do a mistake that they do not completely remove the curtains as they think that a small bucket of water would be needed for washing the windows so they just tie the blinds or curtains on a side. Well, when the actual washing starts, it becomes difficult to save the curtains from the water. It is a task of few seconds so make sure to completely remove the blinds or curtains before washing the windows.

    Soapy Water is Must!

    Pure water doesn’t work as well as soapy water does for cleaning the windows. So, try to follow this extremely cost-effective method by adding soap to a bucket full of water. Well, you can surely use detergent too however dishwashing soap works great for glass. This water will surely prove helpful for wiping out the debris, grease, and stains.

    Use Cleaning Chemicals!

    If you feel like stains are extremely stubborn and cannot be cleaned with soapy water then you can choose a glass-friendly chemical product. Apply the cleaner directly to the stains or add into the water for effective results. However, harsh chemicals should be avoided as such products can affect the quality and shine of glass.

    Use Soft Fabric!

    Are you one of those who use newspaper for soaking the water over the glass? Well, the newspaper doesn’t work especially if you aim to get a seamless finish. On the contrary, the soft fabric does soak the water with great efficiency. Besides this, try to keep at least 3 small soft clothes. One for removing the dust, one for soaking water, and one for maintaining a seamless appeal before applying the protector. For all who want effortless window cleaning in Dunmow should quit using the newspaper because the soft fabric is good to use for the damp weather of Dunmow.

    In the End, Apply Protectors

    Protectors are indispensable to apply because the window glass usually proves prone to scratches and you can protect it by applying fine quality protectors only. All these tips are good to follow for effective results and money saving.