non standard homes

What to consider while buying a non-standard home?

It might be difficult for many of you to arrange mortgage because there are so many issues that can be a hurdle in approval of your application. Are you going for non-standard homes? Majority people may not have detailed idea for this but let me tell you properties fall into some categories just like nonstandard materials and different position. For such properties, you may face problems in arranging a mortgage just because of several reasons like this. Many mortgage providers have a lower value of risk. In this blog, we are going to let you know some of the essential tips for busing non-standard homes. Check this out

Detailed knowledge

Before getting your hands on the newest option, we need to take a look at building maintenance cost, heating, and home insurance issues because these risks are higher in amount as compared to standard property. Get to know what you are going for. Make sure there shouldn’t be full of risks.


Do you know the larger we deposit the loan to value ratio will also be lower on a mortgage application? If you can afford the risk, then you can improve the chances of being approved. Different saving methods can be known to us before comparing standard with non-standard property

Right Advice

It’s important to get the right advice to get a better idea on which lenders are much flexible especially when it comes to non-standard properties. Get the mortgage advice in Northampton under the supervision of experts. The professional team used to give the best guidance by using their expertise. It has been seen that advisers make a smooth way to help you in dealing with strict lenders.

Do ask owner

If you find a property that has already mortgage in such place then must ask existing lender for own mortgage. You must be familiar with the property so it would be easy to get approval on this.


We always suggest our clients go directly first to specialist lenders they regularly approve mortgage applications on unusual properties. It will save time rather than trying on some new methods and other stuff.

These are the things that we need to consider non-standard homes. Get the professional expert instruction because they know what is right and what is wrong. They never suggest you the expensive solutions. Everything will be streamlined in a budget. You can also tell them in advance